All of The Rumors Were Wrong!

All of the apple iPod phone rumors were wrong! Apple blew the entire web awaw with the real thing. Don’t get me wrong, the ideas already on the web were great but apple created something better. Below are just a few of the ideas and rumors that were on the web. Some of them still are on the web!


Those are all very good phones and maybe apple will release something like that in the future. I liked the idea of the iPhone nano.


I am personally hoping that they will release some type of iphone that is cheaper than the regulare full-sized $500 monster of a phone that has already been announced.

Behold the real iPhone!


I am going to wait before posting the final specs so that I’m not wrong because I hate being wrong. Therfore I will post another entry on the iPhone as soon as the first one ships.

I love the size of the thing! It’s not too big and not too

iphonelockscreen20070109.jpgHoray iPhone!


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