Our Bandwidth Decreased!

This is an outrage! Not really that bad but it is frustrating. Thanks to changes at mydatabus.com our bandwidth is now 5gb versus the 20gb that we started with that was just enough to cut it. They say that it is so that the downloads are faster and so that they can add more features but I think it’s just another ploy to get me to pay their price for  more bandwidth that is in my opinion very high. I don’t currently have enough money to pay for it so if we do run out of bandwidth in the near future the problem won’t be fixed until I get more money. I will remind you that if you really like my files that much and want to be able to download them whenever you want to you can send me a donation by simply sending me an email at forrestersoftware@hotmail.com. But I’m not asking for donations I would rather not have to pay for it at all! I’m asking mydatabus.com to raise that minimum bandwidth back to 20gb. That size was perfect for me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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