Download bandwidth decreased again!

This is an outrage! They droped our bandwidth again. Now our total download banwidth adds up to 1gb per day. I find this annoying because we have been growing and having more and more people download our files off of tis server. We have also been doing our best to promote the advertisment of and the return the favor by lowering our bandwidth. So this all comes down to the fact that we ether need them to bring our bandwidth back up to what it was or we need to change download servers. Another option is also to get money and pay for the higher bandwidth offered by my data bus. The only problem with that is that we have no money and no one has been supporting us. What I am saying in this article is that if you want to buy an ad in one of our podcasts or even want me to write a review for a product and post it on one or more of my blogs please email me at I would be more than willing to provide some very cheap advertizing for a young company or any well established company. If you would like to make a donation to the site or one of my software projects you may also drop me an email. Otherwise you can bet all of the money that you aren’t giving us that there will be some major changes in the very near future to our downloads and stuff. Thank you.


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