My Microsoft Hell!!!

As most of you know I am a long time Mac user. I am, however still stuck in a windows world. Last school year I was going to Hastings High and I tried to take a keyboarding class because it was the prerequisit but I had conflicts with the teacher and she flunked me twice. So… this year I went to the college and got an online keyboarding class. The problem there is that it requires windows. So I got an unused copy of winodws from a friend and set
it up on my Mac three weeks before the class started. I was using it for that three weeks and the night before the class started I shut down the Virtual machine, like I do every night. The next morning got up and tried to start it back up to start my class, and it booted to the login screen and froze, so I restarted it. It wouldn’t boot at all ever again. Then I tried reinstalling Windows on a different machine and the serial code would no longer work! Because of microsoft I lost two whole weeks to work on my class and $124 to get a new copy of windows! Today I wrote a letter to Microsoft to tell them how I felt. Here it is…

” I am a long time mac user stuck in a windows world and I have noticed the quality of products produced by microsoft to be decreasing in quality in the past few years. In the days of 98, I just didn’t like windows because it was not what I knew how to use and it wasn’t quite as stable. I still thought that it was a respectable OS. With windows XP you made almost no improvement. When you guys released Windows Vista half a decade late I actually expected it to be a good bit better than XP. But the only thing Vista had on XP was that it was very pretty, but it contain no useful functions. Even the good features in XP were taken out in vista. I was glad to see that you continued to sell windows XP but I think that you should go back to windows XP and try to improve on it insted of going back to the beginning and trying to start from scratch. You should have learned from apple’s mistake with mac OS X. OS 10.0 was a really bad OS and it didn’t sell very many copies. It took them tree major revisions to create something that was better than mac OS 9. You might say that that wasn’t a mistake because after all they are still selling more copies than Vista is, and you would be right. The difference is, however, the Microsoft has done that every time they release a new OS. and every timw the release a major update something big is left out of the picture.

My recomendation would be to abandon DOS and use unix for the next version and then continue to perfect the unix versions of windows for a very long time. ”

Yet another great disappointment from Microsoft.

Christopher Maunder
Forrester Technologies Co.
Owner /CEO

If the internet has no doors or fences, who needs windows or gates?


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