Taking Donations!

    If any of our returning users want to see more content on our website please send us a donation. We don’t have the money to keep paying for domains and storage, so we need your help! We want to continue providing High-Resolution desktop pictures and news of the latest tech stuff. So please, if you have some money and want to see us continue to improve help us by donating.

You may donate if you have a wordpress.com blog by going to your dashboard, and clicking ‘upgrades’ then, ‘gifts’ then send the gift of what ever amount you like to ‘thehastingsband’

If you don’t have a wordpress weblog or would like the donation to go toward the hardware we use to maintain the site, you may go to paypal.com and send any amount of money to forrestertech@gmail.com.

Your donations will go to making sure we are providing the newest information and that we have enough storage space to post the images and stuff that we want to post. We also want to provide video and audio posts in the near future and we can’t do that without money to pay for format support.



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