Psystar Mac Clone!

A California based company named Psystar has created a Mac clone. The Mac clone market was killed by Steve Jobs back in the 90’s when the plan didn’t work out for the company and the couldn’t make any money off of their software alone. The Mac clone market may be starting up again, however. Psystar has built the open mac, which is a $399 Mac with better specifications than the $599 Mac Mini.

The question remains however “Is this legal?” Psystar says ‘yes’ because Apple is running a monopoly by not allowing people to install Mac OS X on non-apple hardware. They believe Apple does not have the right to tell it’s customers what hardware they can put Mac OS X on. Apple believes that it does have the right to say that and that it is not running a monopoly.

Apple’s philosophy has always been ‘people who are really serious about software should make their own hardware’ for that software. The outcome of this case may compromise the ideal which Apple was founded on.

A Mac user, Chuck Maunder, says this about the situation “When apple sells a computer they aren’t just selling a computer they are selling the Mac OS.” He later went on to say “Apple should probably win this case if it ever goes to court.” and “I don’t think it will make it to court.”

Another concerned consumer says “Apple can only say that they will not honor the warranty.”

No matter what the outcome Apple will continue to make great products and high profit margins.


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