iPod Posts

As many of you may know, I own an original iPod touch. To tell the truth I have never explored the full potential of my ipod’s capability. You might have expected that I used my iPod to make some of the blog posts on here or to check my blog’s staistics. If you had assumed that you would have been quite wrong. As a matter of fact I hardly ever use my iPod for anything even remotely related to this website. As a result of this I haven’t been posting much of anything lately as my life has been more and more on the road and less in front of the computer. I am making it a point from now on to blog about everything technology related that I see on the road, at school and while working in my lab! This will give all the readers of this blog a near real time set of updates on the stuff I’m working on and the things I see and think of throughout my days.
The mobile posts will not have any images at all unless I add them later but I’ll try to be as descripive as possible. I will also take pictures of things with my phone and put them on the computer at least once a week so that you can SEE what I’m working on if you would like to come back after Reading about it.


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