New external hard drives from DolFin have four year warranty!

DolFin MicroDevices released a new line of portable USB hard drives today that come bundled with a five year warranty! DolFin boasts that they’re so proud of the reliability of their drives that they just had to prove it by offering such an outrageous warranty.

Though the drives are only available in one size right now DolFin says it will soon be releasing a wide range of sizes from 320Gb- 750Gb. Wait, that seems a lot like another manufacturer of external drives… Seagate? Yep. That’s because DolFin uses Seagate internals for their drives but unlike Seagate themselves DolFin is selective about the drives they ship. There is a 24 hour burn test in which all aspects of the hard drive are monitored while it is at max load. If, while the little drive strains to keep up with demand, it shows any sign of slowing down or giving up the bare drive is boxed up and sent back to Seagate to be used in one of their external disks or a Dell laptop.

This is a first for the industry of mobile drive which is quite impressive no matter how you look at it. There are some complaints about the high price of the DolFin drives ($85.99 for the 500Gb) but most should find it to be a small price to pay for that kind of reliability. If you’d like to buy a DolFin USB hard drive you can do so at the following web page:


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