The New News Office

It has been noted that this site has essentially shut down for the past year. I have gotten busy and have been unable to continue posting entries on a regular basis, but now I have decided to reboot the new site and attempt to bring all of it’s readers back. I have set up a new news office with one of my older DolFin laptops. At the moment it’s a bit messy.

This program will still be sponsored by DolFin MicroDevices and we will begin to post some small advertisements at the bottom of each post. They will be Google advertisements so they will be minimally invasive . I have also decided to do daily news updates that will include all of the technology news items of the day that I thought were cool or interesting in some way. I will also try to do product reviews of every major new item that comes out such as Apple iPods and new laptops of any kind and even gaming desktops and such like that.

You’ve also probably noticed the new layout that is the new minimalist design on the WordPress blogging system. We think this design is more conducive to an effective news blog. It seems to me that it looks like the New York Times website or some other large and well respected news site. It also will make sure that the page loads very quickly because there won’t be a whole lot of extra things to load other than the graphics in the articles themselves. I think this new reboot of the site will be very good for me and good for all of the sites viewers. It should be no to that the sites daily viewership has gone from an average of 300 views per day to about four. Our goal is to get up to 1000 by the end of the year. I look forward to writing the articles and viewing the feedback for this new reboot and I hope you guys all enjoy it .


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