Day One With Windows Server 2019

The availability of Server 2019 insider preview came to my attention today while working in my IT support job. I, like anyone who works with Windows servers on a daily basis, was both excited to see the new features and new implementations of old features, and terrified that the classic Microsoft release cycle has continued. I haven’t written anything at all in a very long time so I thought maybe this would be a good time to start. Over the next few days or weeks I will chronicle the implementation of a small home domain with a few advanced features like ADCS and ADFS using the server 2019 Insider preview.

So to the install…

The initial installation went off, unsurprisingly, without any notable changes, though it is worth noting that the latest build does not offer the desktop experience. The Server Core installation made the initial window size bigger which is a welcome addition for me. As a former Linux user I don’t fully understand why the windowed command prompt is necessary but it’s there so I get to deal with it I guess.

I have a fresh installation of desktop experience finished and it looks exactly like any other NT 10 desktop save for a couple minor details. You may notice that the workspaces icon in the Task Bar is different. Has anyone ever use workspaces on a server anyway? It’s good that Microsoft is focused on such things.