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I would like to preface this post today by tell you all that I am going to be starting a video version of the daily news update starting as soon as my camera has a full charge. The first video will be posted later today. It will hopefully be on wordpress but if that proves challenging it will definitely be on Youtube and I will post the link. The video will have all of the same content as the text post because I’m using the text post as a script but I may add in little bits of info or opinions that I didn’t write down. Let me know if you like the crappy video and I’ll keep doing it! …I’ve also changed the format of the text post a little. Someone should let me know if they like having the mini headlines better. I’m just doing it this way because it seems to be easier….

Moving on…

First story of the day is a hacker who claims to be a 21 year old Iranian engineering student in Tehran who hates dissidents of his country. This guy snuk into the computers of an amsterdam security firm called DigiNotar and created 531 fake certificates for major high traffic websites such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook. He also made certificates for public websites of the CIA and other foreign spy groups. These certificates are blieved to be in the possesion of the Iranian government and were used to redirect traffic to fake versions of the sites. I might write a more full post on this subject later today or tomorrow.,0,5366016.story

Moving on to the the iphone 5. I found when I posted my last story on the iphone 5 that if I would only tag “iphone 5” in each of my posts my site would quickly rise to the top of the wordpress most viewed thing. So I’ve been trying to find more information to give you on the iPhone 5, but classic apple tactics have resulted in very few tid bits being released. But there is one little thing that I noticed today, and that is that sprint is possibly one of the new carriers. Sprint told all of their employees in a recent memo that they would not be allowed to take vacations in early october. So we can guess that sprint is going to be carrying the iphone from it’s release date, and that release date will be in early October.

HTC appears to be considering purchace of HP’s webOS. WebOS is their tablet operating system that they created to compete with Apple’s iOS, but HP abandoned the project shorty after launch and then went on to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder while vehemently denying the diagnosis. This purchase if HTC decides to go through with it could potentially put HTC in a better position against the iphone.

One more Iphone thought. Android has, for some time, had a really good voice recognition software built into the OS. Why doesn’t apple have that. They have the connections that they could strike a deal with Nuance to get Dragon dictation software built into the phone. Perhaps that will be one of the new features in Iphone 5.

Moving on from the iphone to the ipad… I’m noticing a theme for today… Sorry to those of you who hate hearing about Apple news but it seems that the only thing that’s happing today is Apple related. Personally I’m not a big fan of writing it either. I thought it was worth noting that the iPad currently has 73% of the tablet market share or more depending on who you’re asking. Some market analysts however seem to think that number is set to drop in the near future. This is because most people still don’t have a tablet and now that there are more ipad competitors out there on the market some people will opt for other brands. But don’t worry apple’s market share will remain high and the number of users will continue to grow rapidly.

More porn! But not with celebrities names in it. The .xxx domain name that was recently introduced for the porn industry blocks the use of celebrity names in the damain itself. You can still say but not This limitation was likely put into place because of celebrities like Kim who don’t want their names associated with porn. I’m just surprised that they don’t realize it’s too late for that.

I just had to put the porn bit in there to say that this post wasn’t entirely about apple. I any of you guys have a non apple story that you think I missed please put it in the comments section and I might repost it or make a video about it in the future. All other comments are welcome too though please be respectful. 🙂 Have a nice day!


DolFin T-Shirts now available!

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New external hard drives from DolFin have four year warranty!

DolFin MicroDevices released a new line of portable USB hard drives today that come bundled with a five year warranty! DolFin boasts that they’re so proud of the reliability of their drives that they just had to prove it by offering such an outrageous warranty.

Though the drives are only available in one size right now DolFin says it will soon be releasing a wide range of sizes from 320Gb- 750Gb. Wait, that seems a lot like another manufacturer of external drives… Seagate? Yep. That’s because DolFin uses Seagate internals for their drives but unlike Seagate themselves DolFin is selective about the drives they ship. There is a 24 hour burn test in which all aspects of the hard drive are monitored while it is at max load. If, while the little drive strains to keep up with demand, it shows any sign of slowing down or giving up the bare drive is boxed up and sent back to Seagate to be used in one of their external disks or a Dell laptop.

This is a first for the industry of mobile drive which is quite impressive no matter how you look at it. There are some complaints about the high price of the DolFin drives ($85.99 for the 500Gb) but most should find it to be a small price to pay for that kind of reliability. If you’d like to buy a DolFin USB hard drive you can do so at the following web page:

DolFiN MicroDevices Co

Today I am announcing that The Technology Development Blog is going to make all of the cool stuff we’ve been working on here at the lab public for all of you to see and read about! We wish to play a more active role in technology development than we have in the past. Now we will build things and do research as well as just report industry news. All of the documents we release will have legally binding copyrights and are not to be reproduced unless you first contact me at, and gain permission to use the document.

I also am very excited to announce that a company called DolFiN MicroDevices is now going to be producing publicly available devices and products based on the developments we make here at the lab. DolFiN is a separate company from this blog, and this blog is still run as a nonprofit organization. The two entities do, however, share personnel and visions of the future. You may click on the image below to see the company’s newly formed website.

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Psystar Open(7): Is it Really Cheaper?

Most of us who follow Apple know about the ongoing conflict between Apple and a new Mac Clone company called Psystar. For those who don’t know here’s a quick brief:

After Apple’s transition of Intel processors in 2006, the founder of Psystar was probably thing thinking something like this, “if the Mac OS runs on Intel chips now, what would be stopping me from building my own Mac clone?” So the company of Psystar began building computers saying that Apple’s Macintosh computers were over priced and that theirs were cheaper. Apple then sued Psystar saying that it was unlawful to install Mac OS X on any computer or other device not designed by Apple itself. Psystar counter sued and the outcome of said counter suit is yet to be decided.

So… back to the main topic. Psystar has done a very good job of making their new Open(7) computer appear cheaper than it counterpart at Apple, the MacPr, however when I looked at their site and priced out an Open(7) customized to my specifications, I thought it seemed a little high. Behold the price of a MacPro of similar specs is about $100 cheaper. Why is this? or was it just that configuration?

For all intents and purposes the two computers are about the same. they both run the Mac OS and both run it fast and have loads of storage. When I went looking for a high end mac desktop I wanted at least 600GB of storage and i wanted the fast 3GB per second hard drive. I wanted lots of firewire ports that come on every Apple Mac. I wanted 6GB of RAM and an aluminum enclosure. Everything else standard.

The final thing on my list left me with no option but to buy a Mac Pro from Apple, but I decided to check Psystar to see how much money I was wasting. Here’s what I got:

On the Mac Pro:

  • One 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
  • 3GB (3x1GB)
  • 640GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512MB
  • One 18x SuperDrive
  • Apple Mighty Mouse
  • Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (English) and User’s Guid


On the Psystar Open(7) I learned that I could not just buy one hard drive to get to my 600GB minimum. So I bought two of the High speed drives. This was what jacked up my price. but here it is:

2.66GHz Quad-Core Xeon Nehalem

two Fast! 300GB 10,000RPM SATA2 Hard Drives.


// <![CDATA[// 802.11n (PCI-E 1x)

USB Bluetooth adapter

Firewire ports.


The reason the Open(7) looks cheaper than the Mac Pro is the fact that with the Mac Pro many of the items that I would’ve had to pay extra for from Psystar, come standard on the Mac. Things like the Keyboard and mouse, bluetooth, extra firewire ports, and then there’s the fact that the hard drives were more expensive because I couldn’t buy just one! Bottom line, Psystar is cheaper in it’s base configuration and probably in some other configurations too, however not in all or even most configurations. Also when you buy an Open(7) you can expect a cheap plastic case held together by screws and filled with lose wires and scattered parts held down by screws and clamps. When you buy a Mac you can expect a sleek Aluminum case held together firmly by Torx bits, with an equally sleek and accessible design on the inside. With the Mac it is simple and quick to replace or upgrade parts. With an Open(7) it would be a long frustrating experience involving many tangled wires and stripped screws.
MacPro insides!

What Steve Said

The original article can be found at My thoroughly non-professional annotations will be at the bottom.

The second chapter of Apple’s iPhone era is almost ready to begin, and it’s already clear that things will be a little different this time around.

Few people who pay even scant attention to the technology industry could claim to be shocked by the introduction of a faster iPhone earlier on Monday by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Apple has sold 6 million iPhones since June 2007, Jobs said, and will likely sell a few more once the new model arrives on July 11 with a faster networking chip, GPS capabilities, and a software upgrade that’s an IT manager’s dream for a mobile device.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils the 3G iPhone. For more photos from the event, click on the image.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET

From a features point of view, the new model delivers on what iPhone customers want and need. Yes, you still can’t do mobile messaging, and I still don’t think you can do cut-and-paste, which is just bizarre. But Apple has added just about everything else people have asked for or complained about in iPhone 1.0: faster networks, secure access to corporate e-mail, precise location-based services, and third-party applications.

What’s perhaps more interesting is what Apple has learned about the mobile phone business. It’s not all that surprising that Apple, which has a proud legacy of product design and software development, would have created an excellent product that has the rest of the industry scrambling to overtake.

But several developments later on Monday indicate that Apple has had to learn just as many lessons about playing in the mobile phone market over the past year as it has taught the mobile phone industry about product development.

About 90 minutes after Jobs concluded his keynote, AT&T held its own press conference to announce some major changes in the way iPhones are sold. You now must immediately agree to a two-year contract with AT&T whether you buy the iPhone in one of Apple’s stores or one of AT&T’s stores, and there will be no online ordering. AT&T and Apple have ended their revenue-sharing agreement, and Apple also said that the “vast majority” of its new carrier agreements overseas do not involve revenue sharing. To top it off, iPhone data plans are now $10 more expensive.

This just might be the aftereffect of the unlocked iPhones. Apple executives downplayed the actual number of unlocked iPhones several times this year, claiming they couldn’t estimate how many iPhones had actually been unlocked and that in any event, it just demonstrates demand for the product.

But Apple’s carrier partners sure cared about that number. Apple negotiated extremely favorable deals for iPhone 1.0, getting a piece of AT&T and other carriers’ revenue for data services while retaining complete control over what applications would appear on the device.

Apple held up its end of the bargain in one sense–delivering a solid product that enticed people to switch networks and drove data usage–but failed to secure its product against those who wished to unlock it from its designated networks, forcing some carriers to watch their rivals reap the benefits of iPhone data usage. Wireless carriers may be opening up their networks in new and interesting ways, but their influence on the mobile market isn’t waning just yet.

It’s not clear whether Apple will introduce technology changes into the new iPhone that makes it harder to jailbreak, then unlock, but it will at least require U.S. iPhone buyers to sign a two-year contract and activate the iPhone on AT&T’s network before they can take it home. This won’t eliminate unlocking, but could discourage it to some degree.

The faster speeds, additional countries–and a tweak to Apple’s business model–should help the company hit its goal of shipping 10 million iPhones in 2008.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET

Of course, compromise is part of any good partnership. In exchange for giving up revenue sharing and its novel at-home activation service, Apple is getting a subsidized iPhone. That will lower the price of entry into the iPhone world and should accelerate sales without dinging Apple’s product margins to the degree that would be result if Apple absorbed the cost decrease itself. The increased sales should also offset the loss of the shared revenue.

So the big question: will the iPhone 3G–and new business model–enable Apple to meet its sales target for 2008 of 10 million units? If Apple has sold 6 million units to date, as Jobs said in his keynote, that means the company has a long way to go, having sold just 2.3 million iPhones so far in 2008.

The fact that the new iPhone won’t be available until July 11 was one of the most surprising things to emerge from this morning’s keynote. Apple, of course, never put a finer grain on when it expected to ship iPhone 3G beyond “next year,” which Jobs quoted a few times in response to questions about the issue in 2007. But few expected the company to miss the one-year anniversary of the iPhone’s debut with the new model, and at the very least, Apple itself had promised the iPhone 2.0 software by the end of June.

That means Apple will have shipped almost no iPhones from roughly the middle of May to July 11: about two whole months, although AT&T stores took longer to run out of their supply. We’ll get a more precise number for iPhone shipments during Apple’s third fiscal quarter, which ends in June, during the company’s earnings call in July. But no matter how you slice it, that’s a large gap that points to a bit of a supply chain snafu at some stage along the way.

Apple’s Greg Joswiak, vice president of worldwide iPod and iPhone marketing, reiterated Apple’s 10 million shipment goal in an interview after Jobs’ keynote, so it’s not like Apple is backing down. There are two main reasons why the company can still be confident: the combination of 3G and the cheaper price will spur potential customers who have been sitting on the sidelines in countries where the iPhone already exists, and a total of 70 countries will get official access to the iPhone, including major new destinations like Canada and Australia. In addition, Jobs hinted to CNBC later in the day that the big prize–China–could be coming sooner rather than later.

It’s always interesting to watch a company try to make its way into an entirely new business; those who fail far outnumber those who succeed. The most common reason why many fail is because they forget to learn from their initial experiences, or assume they know better based on their past successes.

Apple may not proclaim it from on high in the Stevenote, but today the company showed that it’s willing to learn from its mistakes, and to adjust its business model when prudent. So far in its iPhone era, Apple has wisely tackled the hard problem first–making a great product, and continuing to improve it–and is now making the kinds of changes to its business model to make sure the iPhone really does turn into the third leg of the company’s business some day.


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Unlike what I had before speculated. Apple did announce Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. This however got about 5 words of the keynote and was later demonstrated on Monday. As everyone expected the 3G iPhone was announced and demonstrated and the AppStore took a large portion of the keynote. The rumors of .mac being changed were right and the Macworld podcast guy even got the name right. See the full picture at Everything was pretty cool but I was hoping for some hardware announcements other than the iPhone.


Laptop Cooling

I have been spending a lot of time working on making my ibook run cooler. Yes I know ‘it’s an ibook! how hot can it get?’ but believe me. It gets hot. I have a G3 600 MHTZ iBook with 16 Mb video RAM and a 20Gb hard drive. This is the main reason for my hoping for donations to keep this free blog up. The reason for my laptop’s overheating is probably due to the fact that I have the processor clocked at 800mhtz instead of 600 but it run’s fine under that clock speed.

My mother’s MacBook has similar issues to the ones mine is developing only it get’s to the extreme of actually causing the machine to slow down to less than the performance of mine! That’s pretty bad… I have been working on cooling these computers with out any major ‘under the hood’ investigation and I thought that I would share with you some of my findings. These will go into the options if you want to take the whole damn thing apart and if you don’t. I do however recommend that if you know how to take your machine apart that you should. There are some minor changes you can make to the insides of the machine that will collectively make a large difference in heat output.

SMC Fan Control (for Intel Macs)

SMC fan control (download) is a great solution for people with Intel macs that don’t like getting their lap burned every time they use their computer. It enables you to set the minimum speed at which your fans run. It also shows you the temperature of all of your components. Unfortunately there is no solution like this for PPC machines at this point. The downside of using an application like this is that your battery life will decrease the faster you run your fans. This works great if you don’t have any problem plugging your computer in a little more often.

Cooling pad

There are cooling pads available for all types of laptops. They can be found in almost all computer stores and in most department stores. You can also search on or other online retailer for ‘laptop cooling pads’ The one on Amazon that I like the best can be found here. Laptop cooling pads usually plug into your USB port and run 1-4 fans off of USB power. This will drain your battery less than using SMC fan control but usually provides for less cooling. This option will work on any computer Mac or PC.

Underclock the processor

Underclocking the processor decreases the CPU performance thereby decreasing the heat it generates. This also increases your battery life. This is great for anyone with a computer of which they do not require all of the power most of the time. To do this on a G3 you can download the application called iCook. It enables you to change your clock speed on the fly. On any other Mac I can tell you how to do it but I’m sure there is a way. On a PC there is usually a setting in the startup bios that you can tweak to get a new clock speed but you can’t do it on the fly

Heatsink/Thermal Compound

The braver of us may wish to make a more perminant change to our computer by taking it apart and tweaking it. These people may try replacing the heatsink or thermal compound or both. I have no personal experience doing this with anything other than my G3 iBook so I won’t give detailed instructions. you can get instructions on how to fully dismantle your computer at a number of places on the web. I recommend that you have a friend help you if you haven’t done this before so that you may blame all of your mistakes on him/her. The theory behind this procedure is that Apple usually puts way to much thermal compound on their processors so that it ends up smothering the processor. Thermal compound and heat sinks also do ware out. You can buy new heatsinks on

If anyone has any other experiences in cooling down their hot Apple laptops please share in a comment to this post.