DolFin Releases a New Gaming Notebook!

As most of you know already, I am the owner and CEO of DolFin MicroDevices, a small computer company in Hastings Nebraska. I won’t use this blog to plug my brand and I will do my absolute best to keep my investment in DolFin from reducing the quality of my reviews. However, I do want to post the fact that we’ve released a new desktop replacement notebook. To avoid being accused of favoritism I will only post the raw data on this page. Just the specs pictures and other basic information and I will let you guys decide for yourselves weather it is good or not.

Today around 8:00PM DolFin MicroDevices Co. quietly updated it’s website with a new product that is much different from previous products on the site. The new DolFin RX1 appeared for $3999 and is touted as a desktop replacement gaming notebook. Here are the specs posted on the website:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-2720QM @2.2GHz
# of Cores: 4
TDP: 45w
Cooling system TDP: 55w
Cooler type: Copper plate phase change heat pipe.
GPU Cooler: Same as CPU
RAM: 16Gb Dual channel 4x4Gb @1333MHz
Display: 15.6″ LED-backlit LCD
Display Resolution: Full 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Storage: x2 256Gb Sata 6Gb/s SSD units
Optical Drive: SuperMulti DVDRW
Wireless: Bigfoot Killer™ Wireless-N 1103
Monitor ( VGA ): 15 pin D-Sub x 1
USB 3.0: 2
USB 2.0: 2
eSATA: 1
Mic.-in: 1
Headphone-out: 1
Speakers: 2 Speakers: 2W x 2 + 1 Subwoofer

…and there you have it. That’s all I can say on this site. Let me know if you like it. Your opinions will be taken into consideration when I go to build the RX2 or whatever succeeds this one.


New external hard drives from DolFin have four year warranty!

DolFin MicroDevices released a new line of portable USB hard drives today that come bundled with a five year warranty! DolFin boasts that they’re so proud of the reliability of their drives that they just had to prove it by offering such an outrageous warranty.

Though the drives are only available in one size right now DolFin says it will soon be releasing a wide range of sizes from 320Gb- 750Gb. Wait, that seems a lot like another manufacturer of external drives… Seagate? Yep. That’s because DolFin uses Seagate internals for their drives but unlike Seagate themselves DolFin is selective about the drives they ship. There is a 24 hour burn test in which all aspects of the hard drive are monitored while it is at max load. If, while the little drive strains to keep up with demand, it shows any sign of slowing down or giving up the bare drive is boxed up and sent back to Seagate to be used in one of their external disks or a Dell laptop.

This is a first for the industry of mobile drive which is quite impressive no matter how you look at it. There are some complaints about the high price of the DolFin drives ($85.99 for the 500Gb) but most should find it to be a small price to pay for that kind of reliability. If you’d like to buy a DolFin USB hard drive you can do so at the following web page:

New wallpaper

This is a fractal that I created in just a few seconds on the new DolFin Rover 253. I remember creating fractals like this, with this resolution and having to wait days for it to render. I’m going to upload an een higher resolution version in a while. I’m going to see how many pixels can be rendered if I am willing to wait three days. Then I might try it again on the Rover 306. That should do better cause it has twice as much RAM and a core i7 CPU.

DolFiN MicroDevices Co

Today I am announcing that The Technology Development Blog is going to make all of the cool stuff we’ve been working on here at the lab public for all of you to see and read about! We wish to play a more active role in technology development than we have in the past. Now we will build things and do research as well as just report industry news. All of the documents we release will have legally binding copyrights and are not to be reproduced unless you first contact me at, and gain permission to use the document.

I also am very excited to announce that a company called DolFiN MicroDevices is now going to be producing publicly available devices and products based on the developments we make here at the lab. DolFiN is a separate company from this blog, and this blog is still run as a nonprofit organization. The two entities do, however, share personnel and visions of the future. You may click on the image below to see the company’s newly formed website.

DolFiN currently has two main products available: A $1000 touch screen desktop, and a $299 small workstation. DolFiN will soon be making available products like laptops and handheld devices as well. We think this is going to be a great partnership and enable both this blog and DolFiN to be great innovators.

DolFiN is available on facebook and we would like all of you to “Become a Fan” of what we do. This way we can send you updates and information about new products and or services that you may be interested in. you can also buy our products in the Facebook marketplace! Click on the image below to be taken to our facebook page!

We look forward to showing you the great new products that we create! Until then have a great week!