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One thought on “Intel

  1. Intel is still at the prototype stage, so it will be some time yet before we see this technology in mass production. Other corporations and interests may just get there first, however..AMD, IBM to name a couple.

    Also, Intel has only made developments in multi-core technology because it had to, not I feel because it actually wanted to. Up until 2006/2007 AMD had better products and Intel had to bring everything forward to catch up. Subsequently it took immense resource to bring Core2 technology to the desktop and even now, there are huge bottlenecks to overcome, i.e. Intel’s quad core is not monotlithic, it’s two dual-core processors in one package. Neither do these quad-core chips have onboard memory management, which means an increasing demand placed on a saturated bus architechture.

    AMD’s current and future 64-bit processors do no have this bottleneck, some feel that this is because they are better by design. Intel has hitorically monopolosed the compeition and held the technology back..let’s hope someone else gets there first and drags their heels into the present, not just the future. I am not an AMD fan-boy, but neither am I a fan of Intel which has in the past made it very, very difficult for me to source suitable hardware at competitive rates.

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