Tech News Update for 9/8/11

Google buys Zagat
The first story in the news today is that Google has agreed to buy Zagat, the online guide to restaurants around the country. Zagat has provided online localized restaurant search for some time, and the employees and former owners of Zagat seem to be very satisfied with the merger. The price on the transaction has not been disclosed yet but will presumably be disclosed to shareholders future.

Twitter is Growing?

Despite everyone hating twitter for the fact that their service is just so much less good than Facebook, Twitter’s user base is still growing. Twitter said Thursday that it now boasts 100 million active users, half of which tweet to the site on a daily basis. This is a mere shadow in the face of Facebook’s 500 million users, or what ever is now… It seems though that twitters me use your base is from mobile device users as over 55% of the active users contribute tweets from phone.

Google Sells Patents to HTC, HTC Sues Apple.

The web search giant Google, yeah we are back to Google News now, has sold nine key patents to iPhone competitor HTC allowing the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer to sue Apple for infringement of intellectual property. Apple has already been in dispute with HTC regarding the number of alleged breaches of Apple patents and android handsets on Thursday HTC countersued against Apple in two courts in the US. This is just more fuel to the fire as Apple and Google along with other mobile device manufacturers are in constant legal battle with each other around their respective smart phones. As a sidenote Apple has succeeded in getting an injunction on Samsung galaxy at 10.1 in Germany which was removed from the IFA trade show in Berlin.

More Good News!

To add to the fire of the lawsuits against AT&T and T-Mobile’s merger, Sprint has now filed its lawsuit to block them now not only must AT&T dispute claims from the US Department of Justice but also dispute claims from Sprint and possibly other companies as well. More good news for the everyday consumer. Things continue to look up.

More 3Tb Compatability and New Benchmarks.

Now to move onto an issue that has been kind close to my business, which is the issue of 3 TB hard drives and their compatibility, or lack thereof, with current motherboards. Right now there are four major players in 3 TB hard drive market. Those being, Western Digital, Seagate and Hitachi. As more UEFI equipped motherboards come trickling on the market to handle the increased storage capacity, the battle continues to heat up. The benchmark enthusiasts over at decided now would be fine time to pit a few of them against each other. So they naturally picked the three main manufacturers. They ran a battery of 28 test on each of the hard drives and found that the Seagate Barracuda XT outperforms the other two by a notable margin. The Seagate Barracuda XT is also tied for most expensive drive in the line up with the Hitachi, at $179.


Tech News Update for 9/7/11

Motorola Droid Bionic!

The Droid Bionic is finally out after eight months of delays. The starting price is $300 with two-year contract and I haven’t got my hands on it yet, but I’m told by the massive media on the Internet that it is a very good phone. I’m going to refrain from passing judgment on it until I can actually see the phone, but if you would like to read some reviews I have found a good news article whose link is right here.

AT&T Sucks!
AT&T still plans to merge with T-Mobile however the Department of Justice is suing to block the merger and the hearing is set for September 21. AT&T keeps saying that there are quote enormous benefits on quote of this merger, I would like to see what those benefits are.  In my view there seem to be no benefits whatsoever for AT&T to merge with anyone. Click here to read the article.

nVidia Sells Lots of Graphics Cards.
Nvidia’s sales are higher than expected and has raised its fiscal outlook for the quarter, which is good news for anyone who’s interested in any video or anyone who just loves Nvidia as I do I think they make some of the best graphics processors.

Here’s something that our most of our readers should be very interested in. The domain name service registry has begun has begun limited registration 4.XXX domain names for pornographers. I’m not sure why this was necessary to do. Don’t domain names work perfectly fine for pornography?

Amazon looks weird. the worlds most popular shopping website has launched a look. The redesigned version of this website is a bit more minimalist than the old one. I can’t find the date on which they plan to begin using this new layout but there is a picture of the new layout in the article that is linked to below this blurb. It does seem that still has the old layout right now.

AMD get 12-core chips out soon.
AMD or Advanced Micro Devices is poised to released its new generation of quote bulldozer unquote processors and only shipping in major OEM vendor configurations. The list price on the 12 core 1.8 GHz off to wrong is only $873. For me I think 873 is rather high price for an AMD CPU, however, it’s not high price for 12 core processor. I personally use on the Intel processors in my own computers, because I find that they last longer and have more potential for overclocking if you buy the unlocked version of the Intel core I seven processor’s. I do take note that the 12 core 1.8 GHz operon should perform better than the current maximum on Intel being eight cores, but AMD does not support hyperthreading.
That is pretty much all that was in the news today that I really cared about. So I hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments and if you would like to e-mail me at DEO LF I, you can tell me what you think should be in tomorrow’s post. You can also tell me what you think should have been in today’s post and I left out.

The New News Office

It has been noted that this site has essentially shut down for the past year. I have gotten busy and have been unable to continue posting entries on a regular basis, but now I have decided to reboot the new site and attempt to bring all of it’s readers back. I have set up a new news office with one of my older DolFin laptops. At the moment it’s a bit messy.

This program will still be sponsored by DolFin MicroDevices and we will begin to post some small advertisements at the bottom of each post. They will be Google advertisements so they will be minimally invasive . I have also decided to do daily news updates that will include all of the technology news items of the day that I thought were cool or interesting in some way. I will also try to do product reviews of every major new item that comes out such as Apple iPods and new laptops of any kind and even gaming desktops and such like that.

You’ve also probably noticed the new layout that is the new minimalist design on the WordPress blogging system. We think this design is more conducive to an effective news blog. It seems to me that it looks like the New York Times website or some other large and well respected news site. It also will make sure that the page loads very quickly because there won’t be a whole lot of extra things to load other than the graphics in the articles themselves. I think this new reboot of the site will be very good for me and good for all of the sites viewers. It should be no to that the sites daily viewership has gone from an average of 300 views per day to about four. Our goal is to get up to 1000 by the end of the year. I look forward to writing the articles and viewing the feedback for this new reboot and I hope you guys all enjoy it .

DolFin T-Shirts now available!

DolFin MicroDevices T-Shirts are now available for purchase on the DolFin online store. They are $15 a piece plus shipping and are currently available in M, L, and XL sizes. If you would like another size or a long sleeved one, email or call (402)469-9610

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More New Fractal Wallpapers!

These are some random good ones I came up with while working on the three in the last post. They will also be available in the Desktop Pictures page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please do not use these images for anything other than personal use as desktop pictures. Unauthorized distribution of these images will be considered theft of intellectual property unless permission is obtained from the copyright owner and citation is posted. Don’t be afraid to email me requesting rights. I will be glad to grant them nine times out of ten.

New Fractal Wallpapers!

Here are three different colors of a fractal that I call “Rings of Saturn” These are in pretty high definition but if you want even higher resolution you can email me at and ask for the torrent of the really big ones! You can also email me to get other colors. I only posted the three primary colors for now but if someone wants others I’ll make them.

Please do not use these images for anything other than personal use as desktop pictures. Unauthorized distribution of these images will be considered theft of intellectual property unless permission is obtained from the copyright owner and citation is posted. Don’t be afraid to email me requesting rights. I will be glad to grant them nine times out of ten.

The Pirate Bay is down!

I woke up this morning to a torrent downloader that couldn’t find most of it’s seeders. I assumed that this was just because of the time of day. Not a lot of people are at home downloading torrents at 10 in the morning on a Friday. But just to be sure I did some checking to see if the trackers were up and sure enough, the Pirate Bay tracker was down. Another check: so was the website.

This sent sort of chills down my geeky spine as the event took me back to 2006 when the grand central station of underground torrents was raided, and taken down for three days! I thought “It’s happening again! Are they coming back up this time?”

I checked the news to find only one article about the site’s downtime on March 25th. The good people at are so far the only news people to post an article on this downtime. Their article is posted at this link. They said in the article that it’s probably nothing, and they kind  of put down the theory that they’re down for a big important reason. This is true. Odds are that there’s nothing to worry about, but what if there is?

There are a very large number of things that could take this website down. As mentioned in the article someone could’ve tripped over a cable, or they could be doing maintenance. I don’t think either of those are the case. First of all if you’re running a website of this size usually you’ve learned how to avoid the simple mistakes like tripping over cables and the like. There are also lots of life lines in place to keep the site running even if someone accidentally unplugs a cable. As far as maintenance goes, most sites post something on the site a couple days or more before they go down saying “We will be down for some work between xx/xx and xx/xx.” Now, I was on the site yesterday, and though I wasn’t really looking, I did not notice any notes that said the site would be down, and apparently the people at didn’t either.

So, we know what didn’t happen, but the question still remains, “What did happen?” One of the thing that could take the site down is hackers. Three days ago news was released of some hackers getting into The Pirate Bay’s security system and causing lots of trouble. The article is online at this link. Again the torrent freaks do a good job.

So my theory is that either the Swedish government has shut them down again or some hackers are holding the site down for some reason. Could be DDOS or some form of actual hacking. But I’m leaning toward hacking. Whatever it is, lets hope that they’re back up soon so we can start our downloads again! I’m missing out on some new TV shows!


The Pirate Bay is now back online with no explanation for the downtime. If anyone knows why this downtime happened please comment to let me know. This has been one of my most popular posts and has caused my site to break it’s previous daily traffic record.



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